Hi, I’m Dian, originaly from Indonesian! I chosen or decided to pick “The Bounted” up as the tittle of my blog. Because, it is my nick name, when I was kid and until now some people still call me “Bontet – Sounds like Bounted”. It inspired me to rename my blog as it is.

I’ve been living in several countries and now I am living in Germany for over than year. Business, photographer, learning, traveling and eating are my way through numerous countries. But I do also my business, which is established in Indonesia. I am doing and controlling my small business via online.

The blogger/author was a researcher and project assistant for one of influence companies for communication consulting, before the blogger focuses with his owns.

To whom love to read motivation words, whether it is real or not. Nevertheless, you could read them on instagram Dian Hidayat. I always try to give an update as often as possible there.