1st step to get work permits in Germany

Hallo.. Hallo..!

Here, I would like to share a little bit about my experience to get (I dont’t have it yet, it is only the first step that I have been done) work-permits in Germany.


((I just need to collect 1 more doc from another side))

Great lessons ever! Never be afraid with all the things that you have not tried yet. Be confidence and convience yourself that everything would be ok and don’t forget to enjoy all the processes that you throught. It reminds me to the one best and really famous quotes “There is a way, when there is a will”, I made it a bit different..

“Be free and fly as you can and don’t forget there is sky upon you.” – Dian Hidayat

We can when we believe. We never know what is waiting for us in the future. We just need to do all what we can and keep positive. Throw all your emotional away when you would like to solve your problem. Try to control the situation as good as possible. Especially when you would like to discuss with the authorities in immigration office. As we knew, that some of immigration’s staffs have unfriendly face or unfriendly with us, and speak with high tone, emotional, anger face and so on. But, there is normal… I think.!

What I have done today (14/08/2018), just keep calm and try to speak politely, although they were really “hard” to me and the situation just like summer in the last few weeks, which was really hot. Luckily, I could bring them into “my world”, I gave them the sweetest smile that I have and smoothly sounds just like bird in the morning. Just like I was the moderator in the discussion with them (actually I wasn’t.. LoL).  

The key(s):
1. Prepare all the documents that they need from you.
2. Convience yourself that everything would be fine.
3. Don’t bring your emotional into officially discussion with the higher authority.
4. Keep calm and always try to communicate with them with “coldest head”, be smart and wise.
5. Put yourself as down as possible, remember with whom you are discussing.
6. Talk to friends which are really good friends for you. It would help you to reduce your stress and might be you would get some useful solutions from them. We are humans, we were not perfectly born. We need something from others to be better.


“Future always comes with thousand of surprises.” – Dian Hidayat

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